Rifle 1 is a foundational course for carbine shooters that has been designed for students with an intermediate understanding of firearms manipulation and employment.

Level 1 courses through Loudoun Tactical are not the typical "entry level" offerings that may come to mind when comparing them to the rest of the industry. As previous students will attest, our Level 1 courses not only provide high intensity instruction, but also serve as an assessment for the the cadre to determine who may be suited for future Level 2 periods of instruction.

Instruction Overview:

  • Mindset
  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Target Acquisition & Optic Holds
  • Sight Picture / Sight Alignment
  • Balancing Speed with Accuracy
  • Trigger Control Fundamentals
  • Reloading & Weapon Malfunctions
  • Shoot / No Shoot Judgment Drills
  • Multiple Target Transitions
  • Range Safety & Etiquette

Required Equipment:

  • Semi-Automatic Rifle (AR/AK Platform)
  • Serviceable Magazine Pouches (Minimum of 5)
    • 3 Chest / 1 Belt Magazine Pouch Recommended
  • Functional Sling (2-Point VTAC Style Recommended) 
  • 300-400 FMJ Ball Ammunition (No Hollow Point)
  • Weapon Lubrication & Cleaning Kit
  • Climate Appropriate Range Attire
  • Proper Ear & Eye Protection
  • Positive Mental Attitude