Rifle 2 leverages the Level 1 foundation by underscoring the use of environment, movement and mindset to achieve an elevated level of quick thinking, judgement and execution. 

During this 2-day period of instruction, Loudoun Tactical will emphasize the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship in order to leverage the student’s abilities to efficiently manipulate their rifle system. Leaving no stone unturned, students will graduate the course with a comprehensive understanding of the “why” behind the fundamentals of marksmanship and be able to confidently operate their rifle system not only safely, but effectively.

Instruction Overview:

  • Mindset
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship Review
  • Reloading & Complex Malfunctions
  • Shoot / No Shoot Judgment Drills
  • Defining / Utilizing Cover & Concealment
  • Operating Around & Within Barricades
  • Shooting Through Cover & Various Materials
  • Strong Side / Weakside Shooting Techniques
  • Buddy Pair & Small Team Movement / Bounding
  • Engaging Multiple Targets While On the Move
  • Steel Target Enemy Engagement Scenarios
  • 180 Degree Shooting Environment

Required Equipment:

  • Semi-Automatic Rifle (AR/M4 Platform)
  • Serviceable Plate Carrier
  • Serviceable Magazine Pouches (Minimum of 5)
    • 3 Chest / 1 Belt Magazine Pouch Recommended
  • Functional Sling (2-Point VTAC Style Recommended)
  • 1000 FMJ Ball Ammunition (No Hollow Point)
  • Weapon Lubrication & Cleaning Kit
  • Climate Appropriate Range Attire
  • Proper Ear & Eye Protection
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Positive Attitude

*Rifle 2  is recommended for students that have attended formal shooting courses or the Loudoun Tactical Rifle 1 Course. Students attending must have a thorough understanding of rifle fundamentals.